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Thank you for checking out my Children Learning Reading Review and my first hand experience with this program. As many of you have tried to figure out the best way to teach your children to read at home, you may have ran into a few frustrations. Beyond the many different programs out there to choose from, you may also have found out that keeping your little one entertained and engaged while teaching them is equally as hard.   

My expectation when buying this program was that it was another long session book with pages upon pages of activities that you would need to sit down with your child and painstakingly go through for hours on end. I was surprised to see that alot of the information in this program is created with the short child attention span in mind. Meaning that these lessons can run from only three to five to seven minutes in duration. It's alot easier to go over the same lesson about six or seven times a day for a few minutes at a time than it is to sit at the kitchen table with pen and books. This actually makes it fun for both children and parents. There's no forcing your kid to focus every couple of minutes to complete a lesson making it a very pleasant experience.

After a long stretch of searching and watching many children learning reading product reviews, I purchased this program a bit skeptical it would work and in the video you can listen to how excited I am about my daughter's progress with reading in such a short amount of time. That is why I am doing this Children Learning Reading review. To give anyone who is on the fence some honest feedback

For more information on this program and how exactly it works plus a very impressive example of the results this program can provide, please click the link at the top of the description

Child Reading Level Test - Children Learning Program

Research Articles Teaching Reading To 3 Year Old Children - Children Learn Reading

Child Reading Level Test - Kids Learning Reading

Research Articles Teaching Reading To 3 Year Old Children - Children Learning Reading Program