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Betting Gods Review- Win Huge Or Another Scam ?
As I was writing this review, I realised that a lot of the common questions asked by prospective Betting Gods’ customers were probably best answered by the person who actually founded the business and deals with its day-to-day operations.
betting gods review
So I approached the director of Betting Gods Ltd – Darren Moore – who kindly took the time to answer my questions: offering some valuable insight into the inner workings of his company and the tipping industry as a whole.
Darren Moore
Darren Moore
Founder and Director of Betting Gods Ltd
‘Darren Moore is the founder and director of Betting Gods Ltd, one of Europe’s largest tipster management and sports betting content platforms. Having been a professional gambler himself Darren founded Betting Gods after being tired of the major lack of resources available to amateur bettors in need of professional, investment like advice’.
betting gods review
Who are Betting Gods?
‘Betting Gods are a sports betting content and tipster network made up of 19 tipsters (as of Jan 2017) and a small team including myself – Darren, the director – Lewis who heads up marketing, Julie who keeps things ticking over in the proofing department and Nathaniel who ensures results are constantly updated’.
How did you get into betting and what inspired you to create Betting Gods? betting gods review

‘I had been in the betting industry for a few years before launching Betting Gods. Initially, I worked with another tipster network as an affiliate manager and then I launched Tipster Warehouse with a partner. However, it turned out we wanted to take Tipster Warehouse in different directions; so we decided to part ways and that is where Betting Gods came from’.
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What have been your highlights so far?
‘As a business, seeing people rave about our network has got to be the greatest highlight and receiving emails from people who have made a decent profit by following our tipsters.
When it comes to our tipsters, there are a few big winners from the past 12 months which were certainly highlights for me. I remember the Golf Betting Expert picking the winner of the Hong Kong open just before Christmas at 250/1. Another memorable bet was recommend by The Each Way King back in May, a 1pt EW double on two horses, which produced a profit of nearly 175pts. 

betting gods reviews

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It’s easy to pick out the huge wins throughout the year though, wins that some people may call lucky. It’s why my final highlight of Betting Gods is seeing tipsters stand the test of time. Tipsters like Value Racing Tips (been with us since November 2013), Master Racing Tipster (April 2014) and Quentin Franks Racing (July 2014) have all proven that in the long term you can make money from your betting as long as you’re disciplined and stick with it’.

 What sets Betting Gods apart from the competition?
‘Quite a few of our competitors seem to launch new services every few weeks with some networks now managing 50 or more services. We think this is completely wrong way to go about it. Instead, at Betting Gods, we focus on quality whilst providing tipsters who cover a range of betting styles and sports. We run Betting Gods both for bettors and for our tipsters. Our aim is to provide profitable tips to our members but to also ensure our tipsters receive the exposure they deserve and we don’t see how this is possible with a network of 50.
We are also trying to be the most honest and open network on the internet. We’re not saying other networks are dishonest or use shady tactics in their marketing, but we do everything possible to prove we can be trusted. This includes allowing any review sites to review any service for as long as they want, keeping results completely up to date and not hiding losses’.